Cartoons Communication and Ethical Dilemmas

When one looks at the world of humor and political cartoons, it has always been assumed that there is no subject inappropriate, no scandal too outrageous and no feature too sensitive. That is why, ethical boundaries for political cartoons and caricatures are very much different than the other journalistic genres due to their unique nature of satire and wittiness but the cartoon controversy of Blasphemy always raises a serious debate on hate speech and freedom of expression that politicizes the emotions and polarizes the world.  The giving and taking of offense and inciting the hate and violence through political humor and cartooning emphasize to define and re-define freedom, limitations, ethics and fundamental values and principles for political humor as a journalistic genre. This section focuses on the lack and the need of ethical boundaries in political cartooning and humor across the world.

  • Satire, Incitement and self-restraints: Freedom of expression and social responsibility
  • Politics of Humor and romancing the ‘other’
  • Political Cartoons and World’s Press code of ethics
  • A difficult freedom: Cartoons & religious matters