The Journal of Media Studies (ISSN 1812-7592) is an interdisciplinary, bi-annual, blind reviewed publication available online and in print.  We welcome relevant contributions from wide-ranging areas of study. The objective of the Journal of Media Studies is to publish high quality interdisciplinary research in the broader field of communication studies. In pursuit of this objective we encourage empirical, theoretical and methodological research papers which can contribute to the advancement of communication studies from local and global perspectives.

Aims and Scope

JMS is addressed to the national and international scholarly community. It seeks to reflect a variety of intellectual traditions in the communication field in order to promote a debate and dialogue among them. Journal of Media Studies encourages contributions from senior researchers, media professionals as well as young scholars.  JMS accepts research papers, critical essays, thesis abstracts, book reviews, and opinion pieces from all over the world on issues related to communication studies.

JMS firmly believes in the cumulative nature of productive knowledge. Hence, we especially encourage research papers based on systematic reviews, meta-analysis and synthesis from diverse sources. As JMS also focuses on indigenizing communication knowledge, papers in Urdu language are also accepted, with an abstract in EnglishWe suggest the following broad areas of research:-

  • Development and Communication
  • Entertainment and Communication
  • Gender and Communication
  • International Communication
  • Media and Identity
  • Media and Religion
  • Media Effects
  • Media Ethics
  • Media, Crime and Violence
  • Media, Culture and Society
  • New media and Human Communication
  • Political Communication
  • War, Conflict and Communication

Special consideration will be given to research which is relevant to Pakistani society, its development needs and directions, culture and its context. However, submissions on other international issues are also welcome.

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