Sacred and/or Secular: Politics of Emotions

Sacred and secular are relative terms that have been interpreted and reinterpreted in different perspectives. This session may come up with creative thoughts regarding secular and sacred discourses.  What is sacred for one community may not be for others but all need to consider others’ sacred in the larger interest of this globe. This may be called as secular. Being secular may be considered more tolerant but tolerance is all about giving respect to each other’s beliefs and opinion within the framework of moral values. Secular and the religious are not opposed but intertwined both historically and conceptually such that it is impossible to inquire into one without engaging the other. This session invites papers on the following themes (however not restricted to the following only):

  • Prospective of secularism
  • Sacred/secular: Ideological, economic, and political
  • Secularism and morality: Secularism vs. immorality
  • Being sacred with platonic thoughts
  • Virtue  is knowledge
  • Is critique secular or sacred?
  • Sacred and secular: Myths and realities

Selected papers will be published in the conference number of the Journal of Media Studies